Efficient and cost-effective water splitting electrocatalysts based on transition metal phosphides

ChE-605 - Highlights in Energy Research seminar series
Splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen is an ecofriendly way to produce high-purity hydrogen fuels and has shown substantial promise as a means for renewable energy storage. To enable widespread deployment of water electrolyzers, it is of paramount importance to develop efficient, durable and inexpensive water splitting catalysts so that the electrolyzed hydrogen fuels can become economically competitive and viable. In this presentation, I will show our recent effort towards developing transition metal phosphide (TMP) based electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and the oxygen evolution reaction (OER). Specifically, I will showcase, primarily from catalytic materials point of view, the preparation of self-supported TMP electrodes [1-3] as well as microstructural and compositional engineering of TMP catalysts to achieve good electrocatalytic performance [4-6]. Besides, I will mention our recent work on the development of acid/alkaline hybrid water electrolysis taking advantage of self-supported TMP electrodes we developed [7].
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By: Dr. Lifeng Liu
International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL),
Braga, Portugal

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Visual Management Tool for Multi-criteria Decision Methods

This seminar will be live-streamed at the following link:

In today’s increasingly globalised and complex economy that is flooded with data, taking decisions is a much more complex task. To help managers to tackle this challenge, we have developed a new multi-criteria performance management method that provides input for visual management and continuous improvement initiatives.
In the first part of the talk by Prof Alessio Ishizaka, visual management tools on energy planning are applied. Although Multi-Criteria Decision Making methods have been extensively used in energy planning, their descriptive use has been rarely considered. In this paper, we add an evolutionary description phase as an extension to the AHP (analytic hierarchy process) method that helps policy makers to gain insights into their decision problems. The proposed extension has been implemented in an open-source software that allows the users to visualize the difference of opinions within a decision process, and also the evolution of preferences over time.
In second part of the talk, the innovation performances of small and medium enterprises from the French Lorraine region are assessed by integrating visual management tool with PROMETHEE.

Alessio Ishizaka is Full Professor in Decision Analysis, research lead and Deputy Director of the Centre of Operations Research and Logistics (CORL) at the Portsmouth Business School of the University of Portsmouth. He received his PhD from the University of Basel (Switzerland). He worked successively for the University of Exeter (UK), University of York (UK) and Audencia Grande Ecole de Management Nantes (France). He has been visiting professor several universities. His research is in the area of decision analysis, where he has published more than 70 papers. He is regularly involved in large European funded projects. He has been the chair, co-organiser and guest speaker of several conferences on this topic. Alongside his academic activities, he acts as a consultant for companies in helping them to take better decisions. He has written the key textbook Multicriteria Decision Analysis: methods and software.


By: Prof. Alessio Ishizaka

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